Our Story

Bewley Hollow Road

The history of our Peanut Brittle began here on Bewley Hollow Road almost 50 years ago. On February 28, 1960 I, Peggy, wrote the recipe in my mother's cookbook and signed my name and dated it.

As one of nine children being raised on a small farm outside of Elizabethtown meant we had fresh eggs, milk, and vegetables. Each day we used these resources as we had home made biscuits every morning for breakfast and lots of fresh vegetables every night for supper. Weekends meant baking as well because on Saturdays I would bake chocolate chip cookies and Mom would make yeast rolls along with a cake or pie for our Sunday lunch.

Christmas time was no different as it was a time to make lots of candy. We always made plenty for our large family to enjoy and extra so that gift boxes could be given to the neighbors and the mail man.


Years later after moving away from the family farm and marrying Leon Brangers, I carried on the traditions I had learned years earlier, especially the tradition of making Christmas candy for friends and neighbors in Lexington.

Soon Peanut Brittle became a year round treat as my husband, Leon, began to give it to many friends and co-workers, when they happened to be sick, and we began to call it 'chicken soup'.


Nearly 15 years after moving away from the family farm, our lives brought us back to Elizabethtown and the family farm, and the tradition of giving Peanut Brittle to friends continued.

Russ Lee Veggie Tales

After being back in Elizabethtown for sometime, we bought Alpha Christian Bookstore, and at that time Peanut Brittle became a treat that we not only gave to friends and co-workers but we began to give it to the music salespeople that came to our store selling us new products. Soon the business began to grow and so did the occasions that we gave Peanut Brittle to those around us. We started giving our Peanut Brittle to all the salespeople that encountered our store, and before long we began taking an entire suit case full of Peanut Brittle to our annual convention, the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) show. We would give this abundance of Peanut Brittle to many that we came in contact with that were so helpful in growing and operating our business.

Joy Williams

The CBA show draws in many music artists and authors, and before long our music salespeople started sharing the Peanut Brittle with many of the artists at the show. This caused our abundance of Peanut Brittle to grow again and soon we were shipping large boxes of Peanut Brittle to the hotel where we would be staying for our CBA convention because we could not carry enough on the plane in our luggage. CBA has taken us to Denver, Anaheim, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville, Indianapolis, and Louisville over the last eleven years and peanut brittle has always gone with us and has encountered numerous people along the way.

-------------------- Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave

About seven years ago our salespeople and even some well-known artists started to encourage us to sell our Peanut Brittle because hardly any of the Peanut Brittle you could purchase was quite like what we were making. Ken Davis, author and comedian, who claims he hates peanut brittle has told us and others how much even he loves Leon's Bewley Hollow Peanut Brittle.

Peggy & Leon making the Peanut Brittle

As a result of the encouragement of so many Christian artists, authors and salespeople, in 2001 we began the initial stages of selling our Peanut Brittle. In a small bedroom in our home on a piece of the family farm where I grew up on Bewley Hollow road we constructed a commercial kitchen in which to make and sell our Peanut Brittle. After construction and approval by the health department, we began making Leon's Bewley Hollow Peanut Brittle.

Since we began making and selling Peanut Brittle late in the summer of 2001, we have made over six thousand pounds of Peanut Brittle in the last five years. All this six thousand pounds has been made in individual batches one at a time in a regular-sized pan, stirring for eleven minutes to produce only two pounds of peanut brittle. How much Peanut Brittle we made and gave away before 2001, only God knows.

A fan of Leon's Bewley Hollow Peanut Brittle

Recently, some of our internet customers took time to stop at Word of God Christian Resources store in Elizabethtown, Ky. They wanted to buy some of Leon’s Bewley Hollow Peanut Brittle as they were traveling from Vevay, Indiana to Lake Barkley. While they were at the store they insisted that they drove 200 miles to meet us, so we were happy to visit with him and his wife. When I ask what he liked about our peanut brittle he simply said, “It’s the best”.

Thank you to all those who have purchased peanut brittle through the web site all these years.

Leon & Peggy Brangers

We would like to thank everyone that has been so supportive and encouraging of us as we have started this venture. Please click on the links below to visit some of these folks: