Where Peanut Brittle Has Taken Us

Ken Davis

Peanut Brittle has gone with us on many trips that we've taken, but lately it has also taken us on several trips as well. It was a result of Ken Davis and his encouragement that we were able to take our first trip.

Ken Davis was the guest speaker for a Celebrate Your Marriage Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, and we contacted him to see if we could give a bag of peanut brittle to each couple that attended the conference. He let us know that it was not his conference, but he would be happy to pass the information on to Jay and Laura Laffoon to see if they were interested. With his help, the door had been opened so that we were able to give peanut brittle to all those attending that conference. The next Celebrate Your Marriage Conference was in Arizona, and we were asked again to provide peanut brittle for each couple attending. We gladly agreed and shipped peanut brittle to Arizona for their next conference.

Jay & Laura Laffoon A Full Load of Peanut Brittle

Early in 2004, Diane, coordinator from the Celebrate Your Marriage office, again asked if we could provide them with 1,500 packages of peanut brittle for the large conference at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. After figuring if such an undertaking was possible, we agreed to provide the peanut brittle and also deliver it instead of the charging the expensive shipping costs. Because we were helpful by alleviating the shipping costs, the conference agreed to pay our traveling expenses, so we were able to enjoy the conference and also stay at the Grand Hotel. The experience was great and one we will never forget. Thank you to Jay and Laura Laffoon for allowing us to be part of your ministry to thousands of couples.

Gloria Gaither Grover's Corner

Another place that peanut brittle has taken us is to Grover's Corner in Anderson, Indiana. Through attending CBA shows, we have had the opportunity to meet Gloria Gaither, wife to famous musician Bill Gaither, several times as she would be autographing a new product available to Christian bookstores. For her we often take a box of chocolate peanut brittle. Chocolate peanut brittle is product we make but do not sell; each time we package peanut brittle there are leftover candy crumbs and peanuts so rather than throwing away the crumbs we mix them with some milk chocolate to make a different candy that appeals to a chocolate lover. After giving her this chocolate peanut brittle on several occasions, she invited Leon and I to come and sell peanut brittle at the October 2004 Fall Craft Festival in the loft of the barn of Bill Gaither's grandfather's home place.

Peanut Brittle has taken us many places and has made it possible for us to meet so many wonderful people. We would like to thank everyone that has been so supportive and encouraging of us. To find out more about some of the places we have gone and the great people we have met please click on the links below: